by The Figurant

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released May 5, 2017

Preston Cobb – Vocals
Archie O’Neal – Bass
Greg Hendler – Guitar
Chris Deese – Drums

Produced by The Figurant
Engineered, Mixed, and Mastered by Greg Hendler



all rights reserved


The Figurant Atlanta, Georgia

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Track Name: The Miscreate



Who am I?
What is this?
When will my cry be heard?

Where am I?
How came this?
Why does my body burn?

Oh Progenitor, only voice I’ve known
Cried “worthless”
And wordless
I sing this ululous lament alone

Cause I have my own voice
And I make my own choice
And I will live beyond your heart of stone
Whatever may be God
You sure as hell are not
And I’ll find virtue that I own

And maybe
You made me
But I am not yours to choose to destroy
The ties that bind do not make me your toy

Cause I have my own voice

Running through the dark
Hiding all I am
Cannot let them see
What you’ve made of me
Hideous and strong
Everything they fear
Still I must go on
I will persevere

Cold and so alone
Hoping for reprieve
You’re an evil god
Making me like this
There is light ahead
Searching for it I
Make myself a home
I am finally free

I will acquire Wisdom
The Art
Of Philosophy and Science
Every noble pursuit
I will surpass you
In every single way

Every day
Can you feel me now?
Your mistakes
Can you hear me now?
Can you hear me now?
Can you hear me now?
Can you hear me now?!

My imperfections are molded to godhood
The culmination of your failure my gain
I’ll rain destruction on your very memory
“Monster Monster” will follow your name

I will swim inside your veins
A ship with blackened sails of plague
I will make you curse your very birthing day
You will finally know my name

Can you hear them now
Crying out your name
Begging for their lives
As I begged for mine
Longing for your love
All I ever sought
Was to be thy son
Treasure of thy mind

Mercy they'll know naught
Every single drop
Of their innocent
Blood is on your hands
Murder is your fate
Never yet for you
Live forever friend
Ever with this pain

Though not born
Yet still I
Am truly flesh of thy flesh
Beast from beast
Dark from dark
True monster from true monster

Who are you?
What god now?
When will you finally learn?
Where your strength?
How feels it?
Why can’t you comprehend?

You grow weaker
Mind is clouding
One thing remains
Can you hear me?

Oh come closer
Maker unmade
Do you fear me?
Can you hear me?

To find that
This is no dream
But a nightmare
Track Name: From Chaos V: The Poisoned Tree
||||The Three “brothers”, High, Just-as-High, and The Third, personas of the same crazed Aesir warrior, have slain the world giant Ymir and in his deathflood have acquired supreme power. They look upon the devastation they have caused and see only the fruits of their lust, the glorious future they will rule||||

The Third:

The Three:
By our hands
We three gods
A new world
All made light

The Third:
We will not be
Turned aside from
Our task
In our image
All will be formed
This our vision
A future undimmed
By those
Who would see the world
Without our truth

My brothers
We must unify
There is no victory
Without sacrifice
I see a future
A tree that fills the sky
We will rule it all
But first you must die

||||The Spirit of Ymir, reborn as the dragon Nidhogg awakens in Niflheim, land of ice and shadows||||

To new life
The memory burns
Of fire
I am now
My strength remains
Great ruin
I shall bring
To all they build
Shall be destroyed

||||Loki, son of the Frost-Giant king Bergelmir, looks upon the remnants of the Jotun, ravaged by Ymir’s deathflood, and his first scheme is born||||

My people
Look what has become of you
A shadow
Of what was
We will be
Avenged against our enemies
We will bathe
In their blood

||||The Three have finally fused personas to become The One, Odin, who begins his great work of building the World-Tree, Yggdrasil, connecting the Nine Realms, and creating his empire||||

I am one
I will reign
My wisdom
Blessing brings

They will never even see
What was once known in history
I’ll be eternal in their eyes
They will weave their legends from my lies

I will be God
At any cost
I will be God
At any cost

||||Odin lays the foundations of Asgard, the seat of his future empire and takes Frigga to be his bride||||

A fortress against our enemies
An assurance of supremacy
Nine kingdoms I will lead with strength
Hundred sons who bear my name

No woman formed or born
Could understand my purpose
In marriage I will hide
But all will know my touch

And from a thousand wombs
Will burst my steadfast servants
A mighty host divine
To call me father god

My queen forever high
You own this very heart
For none shall I thee part
Forsooth all drink this lie

Fortress against our enemies
An assurance of supremacy
Nine kingdoms I will lead with strength
Hundred sons who bear my name

||||Odin has built his fortress and seen his “hundred sons” grown to manhood. His “brothers” gone he now finds his chief counsel in his four favorite sons, Thor, Heimdall, Tyr, and Baldur||||

The First of Thunder wrought
Will all my strength employ
His brother Guardian
Will stand and watch the ways

Though foes will bring their wrath
My Left will bring them war
This fragile Beauty last
Sing herald to our fame

||||The All-Father finally ascends to his throne, Hlidskjalf, surrounded by his many sons cheering his ascent. Much has been accomplished, but now they prepare for war against the rival gods: The Vanir||||

Baldur and the Sons of Odin:
Sons of the noble blood
Arise and stem the whelming flood
In purpose we are one
We will not be moved

Gird up thy loins with strength
For chaos waits outside the gates
Lift up your voice in faith
Of our dread Raven lord

||||Nidhogg comes upon the roots of Yggdrasil that have grown into his spring, Hvergelmir, pit of countless snakes and lake of the damned||||

I will gnaw
I will bite
Against the roots
This tree of
Deceit shall
Be made to dust
Even if
It seems to stand
Yet still shall
It never
Escape my hate

||||Loki presents himself as an ally at the throne of Odin All-Father, seemingly just in time for the war against the Vanir||||

Let me introduce myself
A child
Longing to return
Please call me
“Loki”, let me be your blood
And in me
Receive what you deserve
Track Name: The Pharaoh
You will bow before me
You will bow
Gaze on my awful glory
You will bow
There is no god before me
You will bow
Even this Star of Morning
You will bow

I am the Sun!
Blinded by these rays
You will become.
Fear and love;
Worshipped for all days
Until undone.

There is no truth
But my word.
You have no life
But [that] I will [it].

We’re playing for keeps
And imma take it all
Undertaker preying on priests
Nah, they don’t pray at all
Soothsayers and smooth talkers and perjurers
Every sound that comes from their mouth
Is a worthless word
Seduction and reduction
Of the sacred to sin
Perversion and inversion
Of your means to my ends
In a minute everything you claimed
Is gonna be mine
Thine whole and holy house,
Man, woman, and child

A bloody altar adorned
By those you claim to adore
No future in this land
Devoured by your children
No rest, no respite given
Forever graveward driven
May they all cry the same
“I piss upon your name”

You will bow before me
You will bow
Gaze on my awful glory
You will bow
There is no god before me
You will bow
Even this star of morning
You will bow

There is no truth
But my word
You have no life
But I will
There is no truth
But my word
You have no life
But I will

I am the Sun!
Blinded by these rays
You will become.
Fear and love;
Worshipped for all days
Until undone.


Everything I taste is turned to blood
This madness leaps inside me
An itch like none before

The beasts are hunting me
My own are dead
The ashes of his fury
Burn into my skin
The skies rain ice and fire
These sorrows swarm
There is a darkness in my
Eyes and in my bones
All my future is forfeit
My bloodline broken

I am the Sun,
Blinded by these rays.
You will become
Fear and love
Worshipped for all days.

I am the Sun,
Blinded by these rays!
Fear and love
Track Name: Lullaby of the Endless
The Eternal Garden at Twilight - A Lament:
The world is quiet here
All our words are gone
This is the end
Of all we loved

The First Translation of Dream - Night the Mother:
I am become Night
And oh, my Sister Death
Our Dreaming was the Soul of Man
And when we wake what will be left
There is no room for rebirth
And no place for regrets
My lover, my child as we go to the Void
I will carry your name on my lips

The Aspect of Creation:
We used to laugh and sing
The light inside every thing
Was born of the melody
Love that was our form
Every star in sky
Water and air and fire
Proceeded from our desire
The universe was born

The Aspect of Preservation:
Consciousness was our embrace
Life was the love that we made
Every kiss that sustained
Ages and the gods
Holding it all together
I could’ve danced forever
My lover now is never
The Wheel is spinning on

The Endless Question:
Can we survive,
Our love undying,
This lightless fire
Tired of trying?

The First Admonition:
Do not go gently into that
Endless Void of Unbecoming

The Endless Antiphon:
We cannot escape
Where could we even run
We are all that is
We are all we love

The Aspect of Destruction:
Shattering all illusions
This fated dissolution
Silences every movement
Of the soul and mind
Gentle as Death in youth
This is our final truth
Everything that we do
Is destined to unwind

Canticle of the Father and Destroyer, the End of All Things:
Time is the school
In which we learn
There is no sacred thing immune
Time is the fire
In which we burn
Nor even ashes remain of (the world)

The Eternal Garden at Dusk - An Ode:
The world is quiet here

The Absolute Void:
There is a face
Everything faces
Without a name
Blameless erases

The Second Admonition:
Rage, rage against the dying light
This yawning maw consumes your might

The Final Cry of the Ego:
Oh! my Beloved
My very Self unbound
Nothing can separate us
Nothing can drown our song out

The Rejection of That Which Lies Beneath:
No lover or loved [there is no lover or beloved]
No knower or known [there is no knower or known]
No true division [there is no act or potency]
No contemplation [nothing worthy of contemplation]

The Failure of Creation:
No light in the fire [there is no light left in the fire]
No air to breathe [there is no air left to breathe]
The oceans are dust [all of the oceans have turned to dust]
Dust evaporates [all of that dust evaporates]
No space or time [there is no space or time but memory]
No memory sings [there is no memory left to sing]
I am all and nothing [I am all and all is nothing]
Empty everything [emptiness is everything]

The Hollow at the World’s Heart:
The light
And heat
Falls the shadow
The birth
And need
In this twilight kingdom
My heart
And yours
Falls the shadow
This is the way the world ends

The Last Translation of Dream - Time the Father:
I am become Time
Destroyer of worlds
I am become Death
Destroyer of the (world)

The Eternal Garden at Midnight - An Elegy:
The world is quiet here
All our words are gone
This is the end
Of all we loved
Silence all your fears
This infinite sea
With blackest waves
Swallows everything