Lullaby of the Endless

from by The Figurant

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The Dream of the Endless Idea is brought to the Void, Aspect of Wisdom


The Eternal Garden at Twilight - A Lament:
The world is quiet here
All our words are gone
This is the end
Of all we loved

The First Translation of Dream - Night the Mother:
I am become Night
And oh, my Sister Death
Our Dreaming was the Soul of Man
And when we wake what will be left
There is no room for rebirth
And no place for regrets
My lover, my child as we go to the Void
I will carry your name on my lips

The Aspect of Creation:
We used to laugh and sing
The light inside every thing
Was born of the melody
Love that was our form
Every star in sky
Water and air and fire
Proceeded from our desire
The universe was born

The Aspect of Preservation:
Consciousness was our embrace
Life was the love that we made
Every kiss that sustained
Ages and the gods
Holding it all together
I could’ve danced forever
My lover now is never
The Wheel is spinning on

The Endless Question:
Can we survive,
Our love undying,
This lightless fire
Tired of trying?

The First Admonition:
Do not go gently into that
Endless Void of Unbecoming

The Endless Antiphon:
We cannot escape
Where could we even run
We are all that is
We are all we love

The Aspect of Destruction:
Shattering all illusions
This fated dissolution
Silences every movement
Of the soul and mind
Gentle as Death in youth
This is our final truth
Everything that we do
Is destined to unwind

Canticle of the Father and Destroyer, the End of All Things:
Time is the school
In which we learn
There is no sacred thing immune
Time is the fire
In which we burn
Nor even ashes remain of (the world)

The Eternal Garden at Dusk - An Ode:
The world is quiet here

The Absolute Void:
There is a face
Everything faces
Without a name
Blameless erases

The Second Admonition:
Rage, rage against the dying light
This yawning maw consumes your might

The Final Cry of the Ego:
Oh! my Beloved
My very Self unbound
Nothing can separate us
Nothing can drown our song out

The Rejection of That Which Lies Beneath:
No lover or loved [there is no lover or beloved]
No knower or known [there is no knower or known]
No true division [there is no act or potency]
No contemplation [nothing worthy of contemplation]

The Failure of Creation:
No light in the fire [there is no light left in the fire]
No air to breathe [there is no air left to breathe]
The oceans are dust [all of the oceans have turned to dust]
Dust evaporates [all of that dust evaporates]
No space or time [there is no space or time but memory]
No memory sings [there is no memory left to sing]
I am all and nothing [I am all and all is nothing]
Empty everything [emptiness is everything]

The Hollow at the World’s Heart:
The light
And heat
Falls the shadow
The birth
And need
In this twilight kingdom
My heart
And yours
Falls the shadow
This is the way the world ends

The Last Translation of Dream - Time the Father:
I am become Time
Destroyer of worlds
I am become Death
Destroyer of the (world)

The Eternal Garden at Midnight - An Elegy:
The world is quiet here
All our words are gone
This is the end
Of all we loved
Silence all your fears
This infinite sea
With blackest waves
Swallows everything


from Aspects, released May 5, 2017



all rights reserved


The Figurant Atlanta, Georgia

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