The Miscreate

from by The Figurant

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The Monster made contemplates its Maker, Aspect of Progress





Who am I?
What is this?
When will my cry be heard?

Where am I?
How came this?
Why does my body burn?

Oh Progenitor, only voice I’ve known
Cried “worthless”
And wordless
I sing this ululous lament alone

Cause I have my own voice
And I make my own choice
And I will live beyond your heart of stone
Whatever may be God
You sure as hell are not
And I’ll find virtue that I own

And maybe
You made me
But I am not yours to choose to destroy
The ties that bind do not make me your toy

Cause I have my own voice

Running through the dark
Hiding all I am
Cannot let them see
What you’ve made of me
Hideous and strong
Everything they fear
Still I must go on
I will persevere

Cold and so alone
Hoping for reprieve
You’re an evil god
Making me like this
There is light ahead
Searching for it I
Make myself a home
I am finally free

I will acquire Wisdom
The Art
Of Philosophy and Science
Every noble pursuit
I will surpass you
In every single way

Every day
Can you feel me now?
Your mistakes
Can you hear me now?
Can you hear me now?
Can you hear me now?
Can you hear me now?!

My imperfections are molded to godhood
The culmination of your failure my gain
I’ll rain destruction on your very memory
“Monster Monster” will follow your name

I will swim inside your veins
A ship with blackened sails of plague
I will make you curse your very birthing day
You will finally know my name

Can you hear them now
Crying out your name
Begging for their lives
As I begged for mine
Longing for your love
All I ever sought
Was to be thy son
Treasure of thy mind

Mercy they'll know naught
Every single drop
Of their innocent
Blood is on your hands
Murder is your fate
Never yet for you
Live forever friend
Ever with this pain

Though not born
Yet still I
Am truly flesh of thy flesh
Beast from beast
Dark from dark
True monster from true monster

Who are you?
What god now?
When will you finally learn?
Where your strength?
How feels it?
Why can’t you comprehend?

You grow weaker
Mind is clouding
One thing remains
Can you hear me?

Oh come closer
Maker unmade
Do you fear me?
Can you hear me?

To find that
This is no dream
But a nightmare


from Aspects, released May 5, 2017



all rights reserved


The Figurant Atlanta, Georgia

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