From Chaos V: The Poisoned Tree

from by The Figurant

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The Warrior writes his Myth in the blood of his enemies, Aspect of Conquest


||||The Three “brothers”, High, Just-as-High, and The Third, personas of the same crazed Aesir warrior, have slain the world giant Ymir and in his deathflood have acquired supreme power. They look upon the devastation they have caused and see only the fruits of their lust, the glorious future they will rule||||

The Third:

The Three:
By our hands
We three gods
A new world
All made light

The Third:
We will not be
Turned aside from
Our task
In our image
All will be formed
This our vision
A future undimmed
By those
Who would see the world
Without our truth

My brothers
We must unify
There is no victory
Without sacrifice
I see a future
A tree that fills the sky
We will rule it all
But first you must die

||||The Spirit of Ymir, reborn as the dragon Nidhogg awakens in Niflheim, land of ice and shadows||||

To new life
The memory burns
Of fire
I am now
My strength remains
Great ruin
I shall bring
To all they build
Shall be destroyed

||||Loki, son of the Frost-Giant king Bergelmir, looks upon the remnants of the Jotun, ravaged by Ymir’s deathflood, and his first scheme is born||||

My people
Look what has become of you
A shadow
Of what was
We will be
Avenged against our enemies
We will bathe
In their blood

||||The Three have finally fused personas to become The One, Odin, who begins his great work of building the World-Tree, Yggdrasil, connecting the Nine Realms, and creating his empire||||

I am one
I will reign
My wisdom
Blessing brings

They will never even see
What was once known in history
I’ll be eternal in their eyes
They will weave their legends from my lies

I will be God
At any cost
I will be God
At any cost

||||Odin lays the foundations of Asgard, the seat of his future empire and takes Frigga to be his bride||||

A fortress against our enemies
An assurance of supremacy
Nine kingdoms I will lead with strength
Hundred sons who bear my name

No woman formed or born
Could understand my purpose
In marriage I will hide
But all will know my touch

And from a thousand wombs
Will burst my steadfast servants
A mighty host divine
To call me father god

My queen forever high
You own this very heart
For none shall I thee part
Forsooth all drink this lie

Fortress against our enemies
An assurance of supremacy
Nine kingdoms I will lead with strength
Hundred sons who bear my name

||||Odin has built his fortress and seen his “hundred sons” grown to manhood. His “brothers” gone he now finds his chief counsel in his four favorite sons, Thor, Heimdall, Tyr, and Baldur||||

The First of Thunder wrought
Will all my strength employ
His brother Guardian
Will stand and watch the ways

Though foes will bring their wrath
My Left will bring them war
This fragile Beauty last
Sing herald to our fame

||||The All-Father finally ascends to his throne, Hlidskjalf, surrounded by his many sons cheering his ascent. Much has been accomplished, but now they prepare for war against the rival gods: The Vanir||||

Baldur and the Sons of Odin:
Sons of the noble blood
Arise and stem the whelming flood
In purpose we are one
We will not be moved

Gird up thy loins with strength
For chaos waits outside the gates
Lift up your voice in faith
Of our dread Raven lord

||||Nidhogg comes upon the roots of Yggdrasil that have grown into his spring, Hvergelmir, pit of countless snakes and lake of the damned||||

I will gnaw
I will bite
Against the roots
This tree of
Deceit shall
Be made to dust
Even if
It seems to stand
Yet still shall
It never
Escape my hate

||||Loki presents himself as an ally at the throne of Odin All-Father, seemingly just in time for the war against the Vanir||||

Let me introduce myself
A child
Longing to return
Please call me
“Loki”, let me be your blood
And in me
Receive what you deserve


from Aspects, released May 5, 2017



all rights reserved


The Figurant Atlanta, Georgia

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